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@ Bartłomiej Tomczyk: CODE, DESIGN
@ Damian Handzlik: ART, DESIGN

HuERO is platform, casual, crowd control, tower-defence game based on physics. You control the Spinner on the arena with absorbing cubes Crystal in the middle. 3 different color cubes are trying to reach the Crystal and your task is to defend it from wrong colors and allow right ones being absorbed. Also you can change the color of Crystal in real time. The goal is to clean the arena from cubes.

How to Play & Tips:

~ Don't let the same color cubes and bumpers contact to avoid multiplying cubes.
~ 'WSAD' to control the Spinner, 'E' for Slow Motion, 'Space' to change Crystal's color.
~ Purple cube is created by contact of red bumper and blue cube & vice versa.
~ 'Enter' to play/restart the game



HuERO.rar 20 MB

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